A new Eden

Posted on July 25, 2016

When I first printed “Eden” I was never happy with it. Originally I scratched and printed through tissue, then using potassium ferricyanide bleached some parts of the print.

The first print I used gloss fibre paper, but bleaching gloss doesn’t work as well as matt or semi matt paper, so then I changed to matt, still not happy with it, I framed it anyway and exhibited it as a AP print.

“Eden” AP  printed on 20×24 inch matt fibre.

More recently I tried the print on 300grm art paper then bleached, but again, bleaching on this paper doesn’t work as well, and tends to sit on the surface rather than soak into the print. So losing my patience with this print I decided to scratch the hell out of it, either I was going to completely fuck it up, or create something I would be happy with.

So after a few trips into the dark room to make a test print and see if I needed to scratch some more, I decided to cut holes in the negative, and without having to bleach the print I finally got something I am happy with. So I printed six large prints on warm tone fibre about 30inch x 26 inch.



And here is the final bleached version.

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