Paul Gadd Director

British Photographer Paul Gadd has been working in East Asia since 2002. Trained as a fine arts photographer at Swansea Institute, Wales, his passion is portraiture, as well as having an extensive experience in fashion photography from his years working in London as a catwalk photographer with Chris Moore. After travelling broadly in the Asian region, his present work includes architectural and commercial photography.

His photographs have been featured in publications such as The guardian, The International Herald Tribune, Marie Claire, and Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, and corporate clients have included Toshiba, Malaysia Airlines, Maxis, Barclays Bank, L’Oreal and Phillip Morris. Paul has exhibited his work at exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Spain and Malaysia.

Like the classical photographers, Paul believes in the purity of the original image. Film is his medium of choice and he can only protest in despair at the swelling tide of the digital invasion in the photography world.

Alex Chan Studio Manager

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