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Through the ages, the human form has been celebrated, documented, deconstructed and politicised by the visual arts. In the upcoming exhibition “Body”, the students of The Print Room attempt to bring a fresh perspective to this timeless subject through the medium of film photography.

Having gained some technical experience of studio photography through The Print Room’s last show, which focused on still life, the photographers were asked to interpret the human body in any way they saw fit. Some have chosen to explore figurative nudes but have attempted to go beyond the erotic, opting instead to turn the body into an abstraction. Others have chosen to work with metaphors, using other objects to represent the body as a way of commenting on our relationships to sex and our own physical form.

In the course of their work they have experimented with a range of photography and darkroom techniques, including multiple exposures, solarisation and the use of liquid light. These are challenging processes that require time and practice to perfect, especially without the safety net of computer manipulation that digital photography affords.

Technical challenges aside, the photographers had to contend with the core issue of visual originality – when dealing with a subject that has been explored as exhaustively as the human body, what more could they say through their photographs?

“Body” will open for public viewing on Saturday 10th May 2014 and will run until 15th June 2014. For the first time, The Print Room will also showcase the work of several guest photographers from South Korea as part of its exhibition.


The photographers:

Koh Yeo Myoung
Melissa Lim
Linda Chin
Kim Do Han
Lisa Foo
Paul Gadd
Phoebe Wong
Johan Hamidon
Kwon Hyuk Min