Here are the lastest image requests that have been sent to Millennium Images, if you have any images that you think might fit, please email us a low res jpg to

No.1979. Bookcover-Blitz-dog – Deadline: Tuesday, 5th April 2016

A fun and colourful jacket which gets across the adventures of a puppy during the Blitz with a vintage feel. Bertie will be a medium sized terrier mix, with a darkish brown body, lighter face and lightish brown paws and medium scruffy fur. We would like a wintery/gifty feel but not too Christmasy – similar to the style of ALFIE THE DOORSTEP CAT and SOLOMON’S TALE. It would be good to have a very cute Bertie sat in a war torn London with a light snow on the ground.There was also mention of the dog having a doggy gas mask hanging around his neck! If those of you who have historical photos could search out some suitable nosy London Blitz pics (if this is possible? Not sure if it snowed during the Blitz) and those of you who have animal pics could concentrate on the dog please – as per the description, that would be great.

No.1981. Bookcover -young woman (early 20s) sitting – Deadline: Tuesday, 5th April 2016

She is supposed to look like she’s sitting on a wall on a roof terrace and looking out across a view of London. So we shouldn’t see her whole face – her head is turned to the view. She needs to be wearing a dress, ideally a red dress but we can photoshop this. She doesn’t have to have her legs up

No.1982. Bookcover-Woman-city type clothes – Deadline: Thursday, 7th April

She needs to have city type clothes, quite pretty/attractive. The thing they like about this figure is that you can’t tell her age – she could be 20 or 50. The woman in the book is older so we need a figure like this to do a similar thing. The figure should be still – no movement.

No.1983. US-Bookcover-rich suburban houses – Deadline: Wednesday, 6th April

We are looking for shots of rich suburban houses and scenes with something slightly off. Ideally, we’d like to find images an aerial view overlooking a generic, wealthy American suburban neighborhood, or a view of a back yard from an upstairs window. The mood of these photos should not be too dark, rather really bright and lovely, with just the hint of something amiss.

No.1984. Bookcover-House at night-Man streetlamp – Deadline: Thursday, 7th April 2016

I’m looking for a photo of the exterior of a house at night – with a view in through a lit window to a table laid for a meal. If you don’t have this exact shot, i would look at photos of the exterior of a house with a lit window (no table view). The book is set in the UK, but I don’t mind where the photo is taken so long as it could pass for a British house. 2. photos of a man standing beneath a streetlamp. Looking like a stalker.