Here’s the brief for The Print Room’s next exhibition, which we are opening up to any professional or amateur film photographer who is looking for a platform to show their work. 
The theme will be classical still life,but with a twist. Play with the components of your picture or use different printing techniques so your photographs have an added element of wit, subversion, surrealism–whatever you think works. Take the shot below, for example, which is photographer  Joel Peter Witkin’s morbidly hilarious take on the classical fruit basket.
Witkin usually works off a famous painting as a visual reference, but never interprets it literally. If you don’t have a spare foot lying around the house, don’t worry about it (and that’s probably a good thing too). 
He also manipulates his negatives by scratching or cutting parts out and replacing with parts of other negatives, which brings me to an example of a technique you can use: composite printing or montage, These two images below were done by Florence Henri in 1934. It shows a very crude but effective way of combining a classical still life element with something seemingly irrelevant.
There’s also the classic nude, such as this shot by Townsend Web:



And of course this piece by the wonderfully odd Cindy Sherman:

Photographer unknown.
For all you Man Ray wannabes out there, you can also solarize your still lifes just like he did, creating the effect you see in the next two pictures.
By the way, if anyone is interested The Print Room will be holding a one-day class on solarizing, sometime in the next few weekends after we finish the current intake of classes. The class is a bargain at RM200 and it will teach you how to solarize both your negatives and your prints. Watch this space for more details. 
But why just 2 dimensional… noooo wait there is more.. for the liquid light freaks there’s a 3rd.. yes, just like this “jenga” prototype by Robert Heinecken 1965

So there you have it.. from next week you can use the studio.. dont forget to book equipment and stuff. I am hoping for an end of year exhibition.  So whoever is interested, get your grey matter up and running and come and chat to the group and start some tests..

So, recap..  Classical still life shot contemporarily, classical still life manipulated in processing or printing, A famous classical piece shot in your style.
And no bloody plagiarism!!!