Over the last five years, The Print Room has mounted a series of film photography exhibitions that have explored visual genres such as abstract, still life, documentary and street. For each show, photographers worked for several months before mounting a joint exhibition and then moving on to their next project. A few photographers, however, have kept shooting to specific themes to develop their skills and expand their bodies of work.

Some photographers have continued to take their cameras on their travels after taking part in The Print Room’s 2014 Up Your Alley street photography exhibition, for example, while others have remained in the studio to focus on the still life agenda of 2013’s It’s Still Life or the more experimental Twisted Life of 2015. Some photographers are juggling more than one theme, bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to their photography.

The result is an eclectic and ever-growing portfolio of new work which The Print Room plans to exhibit in the first quarter of 2017. In the spirit of this upcoming show, The Print Room invites all working film photographers who have been developing their own bodies of work to participate, regardless of the genre they have been working in, by submitting no less than three new pieces.

For the last four years, The Print Room has been a part of the renaissance of film photography and has helped to build a wider awareness and appreciation for this form of the visual arts. Through classes held in our studio and darkroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we give people an opportunity to learn to handle a traditional manual film camera, process their film and hand print photographs in the classical way. The film photographers who work at The Print Room is a collective of professional photographers as well as professionals who work in a variety of industries, including publishing, engineering, architecture, finance and public relations.

For more information on our exhibition, or if you would like to submit your work, email us at info@theprintroomkl.com